Our clients are Hospitals, Health Care Providers, Insurance companies and Large Employers. The Team has a collective experience of more than 130 years and counting. Our fields of expertise include but are not limited to: Product Development, Integration, Platform development and integration, Market Research, Feasibility Studies, FDA Clearance and Certifications, Project Management, Financing and Technical Support across a wide range of disciplines.

How We Operate

First, our Entire team becomes experts in the product and the entire product category.  We invest our minds and our hearts in embracing the creativity, the invention and the passion until we share the exact same Goal.


Next, as experts in the product category, we start the process of making a Business Plan. We analyze the playing field. We compute relative strengths and weaknesses compared to the rest of the field. We determine the sweet spots for Retail Price, determine the optimum levels for wholesale pricing and COG (cost of goods). We study the complexities of the various types of sales that exist. It can be a mine field for both the trained and untrained. Experience counts a great deal.


We find the areas which require strengthening (Integration, Innovation, Platform, Sales, Logistics, Sourcing,  Financial, Market Research, etc..


Fields of Expertise


Sales and Sales Strategies • Marketing • Trend Analysis • Organization • Manufacturing • Sourcing • Logistics • Fulfillment • Deal Making • Licensing • Brand Building • Understanding and Working with the “Big Boys”• Financial



Our team members’ expertise includes a wide range of products handled, developed, sold and or under management. It includes items in the following categories among others:

Marketing, Planning, Operations, & Strategy

Being successful requires the implementation and coordination of a complex business plan. We bring more than 130 years of upper level management experience to the equation.  We know the market, the players and the game.