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Contract Pricing 

PPE has been in notoriously short supply. Living Well Innovations is proud to offer 1 or 2-year contracts to guarantee at least 1 year of consistent supply.

Initial delivery occurs within 14 business days of signing a contract. 

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Nitrile Gloves 50/pcs. 

KN95 & 3PLY Face Masks

AAMI Level 1-3 Gowns


KN95 Face Masks

1 or 2-year Contract Pricing

MOQ: 1000

  • 1000/mo.  $4.25

  • 3000/mo. $4.00

  • 5000/mo. $3.80

  • 10000/mo. $3.50


  • Resistant design/construction for multiple wears

  • FDA & CE approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles

  • 5 layers provide higher level of protection

  • Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal

  • Compatible with eye wear protection glasses & face shields



  • Product Name: KN95 Respirator Face Mask

  • Aerosol Type: Non-Oil

  • Color: White

  • Size: Universal Exhalation

  • Nose Clips: Yes Standards: KN95 

  • Certification: FDA & CE Approved


3PLY Face Mask

1 or 2-year Contract Pricing

MOQ: 1000

  • 1000/mo.  $.65

  • 3000/mo. $.55

  • 5000/mo. $.50

  • 10000/mo. $.45

DISPOSABLE FACE MASK - Great for daily protection from allergens, and airborne pollutants helping you breathe easier while also protecting others from your coughs and sneezes.


3 LAYER CONSTRUCTION - These face masks are made of an outer layer of non woven fabric, a middle layer made of a filter fabric, and an inner layer made of a soft, skin gentle facial tissue. Fluid resistant, unlike cloth masks, to provide protection against large droplets or sprays of bodily fluids.

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Nitrile Gloves (S,M, L, XL)

1 or 2-year Contract Pricing

MOQ: 1000

  • 1000/mo.  $.30

  • 3000/mo. $.28

  • 5000/mo. $.25

  • 10000/mo. $.24

  • PREMIUM GRADE: High quality disposable, designed for professional use to keep your hands protected, enhanced tear resistance

  • POWDER-FREE, LATEX-FREE: Avoid potential allergies and discomfort without the use of latex or powder, protect yourself from potential allergens.

  • TEXTURED FINGERTIPS: Comes with textured fingertips providing maximum gripping ability for wet and dry objects.

  • BIG PACK: 100 per box | brand may vary

Face Shields 

1 or 2-year Contract Pricing

MOQ: 1000

  • 1000/mo.  $3.00

  • 3000/mo. $2.75

  • 5000/mo. $2.50

  • 10000/mo. $2.25

  • Thickness 0.18mm

  • Made with thick sponge for comfort

  • Hypoallergenic foam band can absorb sweat and provide enough room for eyeglasses or safety goggles.

  • Vented foam design for increased airflow and comfort.

  • The sonically welded band gives the face shield added strength and reliability.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear, quick and easy to don.

  • Excellent protection against potential contamination from blood pathogens, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash.


AAMI Level 1 - 3 Gowns

1 or 2-year Contract Pricing

MOQ: 1000

  • 1000/mo. 

  • 3000/mo. 

  • 5000/mo. 

  • 10000/mo. 

  • One-Size

  • 25 Gowns per Bag

  • Biohazard Clean-Up

  • Breathable and Flexible

  • Fluid Resistant

  • Elastic Cuffs

  • Double-Tie Design

  • Non-Toxic

  • Food Safe

  • Waterproof


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